Lenny and Aqsa talk about her experience in Egypt and how far you can get out of your comfort zone. Aqsa enjoyed a life without having to worry about ...View Details

Charly did not expect to lead his own company after a 12 months internship in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His journey is not the typical one you might...View Details

Spending 8 weeks in Brazil and working for a startup opened Sofie's eyes. She released that she was following societal expectations for a long time. S...View Details

Gwen spent 8 weeks in Manila, The Philippines to volunteer. This experienced helped her to realise how important passion is to her for the things she ...View Details

Souhail made a bold decision when he decided to move to the United States from Morocco for 18 months to join UPS for a 18-months internship. It was a ...View Details

Victoria was fortunate enough to win a Global Volunteer project to go to Brazil. She and fellow volunteers joined a local NGO with the aim to raise aw...View Details

Milagros went to Chile to participate in a Global Volunteer project that is contributing towards Sustainable Development Goal #10 Reducing Inequalitie...View Details

On this Episode Celeste shares her experience in Vietnam. She did a volunteer project on sustainable tourism and tried to make a difference through us...View Details

This episode is a follow-up to episode #3 with Dennis. We thought it would be interesting to talk about his journey after his experience in Tunisia. I...View Details

This episode is all about cultures. How can we bridge gaps between cultures so that we can reduce hate and conflict? My guest on this episode, Dennis,...View Details

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